Christmas Tree Cakes ~ posted by KLynnTX

If you make these for a party, I guarantee everyone will oooohhhh and aaaahhhhh over them. They look soooo cute. We made them for my son’s recital. And then we made more to take to my husband’s office. Everyone loved them!

I posted a link to some pics. I hope it worked!!

Here’s the recipe!

You make a chocolate cake, according to the directions on the package…We used Devil’s Food.

You get those little cone shaped paper cups like they use for snowcones, and spray some of that Pam in them that has the flour and the butter….I think ours was called Bakers Joy, but it is right there with the Pam in the store, and it has flour in it also. This ensures that the cake won’t stick to the inside of those cones…

Just fill them with batter a tiny bit over half way…

Now you need someway to hold them up in the oven. The best way we have found is to use one of those disposable lasagna pans. You can cut out 8 small holes in one of those. (4 holes in two rows). Then you turn the lasagna pan upside down in the oven, and insert filled snowcone in each hole.

You could also cut holes in an aluminum pie pan, but then you have to be careful as you are setting it in the oven, so that the cups don’t bump into the oven rack. It takes a little adjusting, but trust me, you’ll get it to fit in there. Don’t burn yourself!! 🙂

We baked them at 350 (like the box said) for 15 min. That is what our recipe said for how long you should bake cupcakes. You can tell if they are ready when you check…..

Then, when you take them out of the cups (or preferably right before) cut them with a bread knife, so the bottom of the tree will be pretty straight..

Dump them out, let them cool, and then decorate with green icing (I used the kind in the cans, that you just push the nozzle, and the icing comes out easily) and then you can put a dot of red in here and there for ornaments, and tree toppers….and then sift powdered sugar over the top, to make it look like it snowed.

Doing one cake mix makes around 20 trees.

The good part, is that someone needs to eat all those yummy parts that you cut off the bottom of each tree.



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