Olive Garden Toscana Soup ~ posted by momee


2 3/4 c. chicken broth (I use the cheap base from Sam’s – comes in a tub like butter)
1/4 c Heavy Whipping Cream – use the rest for whipped cream
1 med. russet potato – I always put in two
2 c. chopped kale (the ends are fine to use too, gives it some substance)
1/2 lb. spicy Italian Sausage – mild or spicy, both are yummy
1/4 tsp salt – I leave this out
1/4 tsp crushed red pepper – I definitely leave this out
grill/saute sausage cut into 1 inch slices (cut after you grill it or you’re left with a mess)
combine stock and cream over med. heat
slice and quarter potatos
add that and kale and spices
simmer till you’re ready for it (appx. one hour)
then before serving add sausage and heat

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