Needleroozer’s Sausage and Cauliflower One-Skillet Meal

Papa first had this in a little hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant in the Sumner area over 20 years ago. We have since taken it over.

In the largest skillet you have (mine is 13 inches across), cook your favorite Italian sausages (hot and spicy, or chicken apple,or ?), about 1 per person, more if a hearty eater or growing teens are involved.

When they are halfway done, add a bit of olive oil, (or I use 3 to 4 homemade chicken-broth-frozen-in-ice-cube-tray cubes that Papa makes for me), half an onion sliced thin, and a couple of whole garlic cloves.
After about 5 minutes, add a head of cauliflower (depends on size, in some cases you might want a half or 3/4), cut into medium sized pieces (2 inches, approx). Brown the cauliflower on all sides, then cook till the veggies are just tender when pierced with a fork. This takes about 10 to 15 minutes on med to med-low, depending on your stove. You can cover it to speed the cooking of the cauliflower, but it won’t get as crispy brown. When the sausages are done, you can either take them out, or move them to the edges of the pan. The cauliflower browns nicely, and the onions get all carmelized. Season with a little salt and pepper, and oregano if desired. Serve with pasta, rice, or our fave, spaghetti squash and homemade pesto.

This is the basic recipe, but we modify it to use whatever we have. It is very good with kalamata or regular olives, sun-dried tomatoes added near the end, zucchini or chayotte squash, etc. We also have made it with about 2 whole heads of garlic and some shallots. Yum!

What could be better than a one skillet meal?! You can also do this w/out the sausage if you don’t do them, and you can also use chicken breast cut into pieces, but I like it the best with sausages.

Mixed Vegetable Chicken Casserole, posted by Katia

Frozen Mixed Vegetables – 1 large bag
Chicken – cut up – (boneless works best for this, but again any type will do)
Sour Cream – 1 oz.
Cream of Chicken Soup – 1 can
Ritz Crackers (or other name brand butter type) – 1 sleeve
Butter – 1/2 cup (one stick)-softened

Pour frozen veggies into baking dish. Place chicken on top of veggies. Mix sour cream and crm. of chicken soup together. Spoon over chicken. Put one sleeve of Ritz crackers in ziplock baggie and crush with a rolling pin. Pour into mixing bowl and add softened butter stick. Mix together. Use your hand to sprinkle cracker mixture over top of casserole. Bake at 350 degress for 1 hour.

Fancy Schmany Chicken Casserole, posted by Katia

Chicken (I like to use cut-up b*easts with this one, but any cut will work)
Frozen Carrots – 1 large bag, crinkle cut (any kind works but these look prettier)
Cream of Chicken soup – 1 can
White cooking wine – 1/2 – 1 cup (to taste-experiment here)
Shredded Cheese – provolone is best, but I’ve used Mozzerella too – about two handfuls

Dump bag of carrots in baking dish. Place chicken on tops of carrots. Mix Crm of chicken soup and white wine together. Pour over chicken. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour. Sprinkle severval handfuls of shredded cheese over the top and put back in over until cheese is melted.

Not Your Everyday Chicken Chicken, posted by Katia

This recipe has a sort-of sweet and sour flavor.

1 bottle Russian Salad Dressing
1 jar Apricot Preserves (close to the same oz. as the salad dressing)
1 small jar Miracle Whip Salad Dressing

Place chicken in baking dish. Any kind of chicken works. I’ve used just b*easts or legs and thighs or a whole cut-up chicken. Whatever works.

Mix three bottles/jars ingredients together (won’t be real smooth or pretty) and pour over chicken. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour. Serve over rice.